NLJUG Modern IT Leadership Summit 2023

In an era of perpetual disruption, much of it driven by advancements in business technology, access to industry insights and expertise is more crucial than ever. That’s where the Modern IT Leadership Summit (MILS.2023) comes in.

During the Modern IT Leadership Summit, experienced managers with decision-making authority on strategic and tactical IT issues are invited to share their experiences, vision, and best practices. This event takes place in a 50-minute time slot during the largest Java conference in the Netherlands: J-Fall. It is scheduled for November 9, 14:40 → 15:30 Room 7.

The theme of this debate: “The Impact of AI on Software Development and How Our Field Will Transform in the Coming Years.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already had a significant impact on the world of software development and is expected to play an even larger role in the future. Consider, for example, the automation of repetitive tasks, faster error detection and debugging, improved code optimization, enhanced security, and automated testing and quality assurance.

However, it is important to note that AI is not without limitations, and human involvement and oversight are still required in software development. Furthermore, there are ethical and legal issues related to the use of AI in software development that need to be addressed.

During the discussions, we will delve further into topics related to ethics and responsibility, AI-generated code, supervision and regulation, as well as the potential for a different way of working in teams, simplifying communication among international teams, and evolving team skillsets..

With this event, panelists can offer the J-Fall audience insights into the challenges they face and establish closer connections with the Dutch Java community.

MILS primarily targets IT management, IT leaders, CTOs, and CIOs. However, all J-Fall attendees are welcome to join this session.

Distinguished panel members include renowned experts and leaders from various sectors of the industry. Such as:

Joris Kuipers (Trifork)
Simone van Erp (Rockstars)
Irene Blanken (Rabobank)
Han Markslag (ING)
Sander Mak (PicNic)
Sharat Chander (Oracle)

With host and discussionleader: Bert Jan Schrijver