No-frills REST api testing with REST-Assured

Zaal 7

11:40 - 12:30

Java language

As the number of REST based services in our application landscape grows, we better make sure they are tested really well! Component-Testing REST API’s (that is, testing the REST API against a fully deployed artifact) can be a bit of a pain, however, using existing solutions like SoapUI, PostMan, or Cucumber.

Enter REST-Assured, a library that makes testing REST APIs fun and easy!

On our projects, we are now using REST-Assured to do REST testing. REST-assured uses a concise, 100% Java DSL (with some Groovy underneath), to test against REST APIs. Using this library really cleaned up our existing tests and sped up the process of writing new REST tests!

In this session, I will outline different types of REST API testing, and give a REST-Assured demo to test the REST interface of an existing REST service (written in Spring Boot), including request ans response specification re-use and handling authentication. I will also show how you can integrate REST-Assured in Spring and SpringBoot integration tests.