From monolith to scalable microservices with Vert.x in less than 3 hours

Hands-on Labs 1

14:35 - 17:40


Vert.x is a toolkit to create reactive distributed applications running on the top of the Java Virtual Machine. Vert.x exhibits very good performances, and a very simple and small API based on the asynchronous, non-blocking development model. This lab is an introduction to microservice development using Vert.x. We will start from a simple monolith ledger application and quickly transition to a distributed scalable microservice achitecture, the applications is a federation of interaction microservices packaged as fat-jar and creating a cluster. By the end of this tutorial you will understand: * What Vert.x is and how to use its asynchronous non-blocking development model * How Vert.x handles several types of services, and service discovery * How to manage failures with async results, futures, exception handlers and circuit breakers * How to develop realtime web applications that interact with the eventbus And you’ll be able to: * Implement multiple interacting Microservices * Use the Vert.x event bus and REST to send and receive messages * Compose asynchronous actions This training course is for you because… * You are an architect designing a Reactive Application * You are a developer building Java applications that need to be reactive * You are a technical leader looking to adopt Vert.x within your organization