Microservices, a love story? The developer chronicles

Zaal 5

08:00 - 08:50

Methodology & culture

We build them, we run them, we love them. With that motto we adopted the microservice approach. It promises scalability, faster release cycles and more autonomy and agility for teams. But what is it like for a developer to work with them? Do they deliver on these promises? Do we love them? Yes, but it definitely is not a free lunch.

This is a love story about a development team who started dating a microservice three years ago. It reveals all the moments we shared through sunshine and rain. The nervous moments of our first deployment. The time we spent getting to know each other’s (im)perfections via our monitoring dashboards. The moment at which our darling almost blew up our relationship by blowing up the database (so much for scalability). This story also shares some secrets for keeping your relationship healthy. The key of forgiving each other’s shortcomings by implementing resilience. The importance of not forgetting about your existing friends by staying backward compatible. And, finally, the secret of keeping the attraction alive by having good looking API’s. No, we won’t spoil how this story ends. But yes, these secrets are the recipe for a happy ending.

Are you (considering) adopting the microservice approach? Then this talk is for you. We will give you some relationship counseling on how to build, run and love your microservice (again).