Java in the 21st Century: are you thinking far enough ahead?

Zaal 5

11:40 - 12:30


It is all change in the Java arena. Java 9 ships with the long awaited modularity support. Oracle plans to contribute Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation and to top it all, IBM announces both Open Liberty (based on its flagship application server ) and OpenJ9 it’s enterprise proven Java Virtual Machine.

In this talk you’ll certainly learn about these exciting changes that are happening to the Java ecosystem but you also learn much more about the real future of Java.  See how new hardware technologies, new software approaches and new ideas  are powering Java towards a life far removed from that envisioned at its inception.  It’s time to look up and see how you will need to change how you think:  Whether it’s driven by AI or Quantum Computers the problems of tomorrow demand new approaches and new thinking. Are you ready?