From Code Commit to Production within a Day in One of the Most Critical Industries in the World

Expo Theater

13:30 - 13:55


Ingenico (payment processes) transformed their legacy application to a state of the art micro-service architecture and with that also changed the delivery process as well as the organizational part(Agile transformation). Since Ingenico is handling payments for some of the biggest organization (Apple, Alibaba, Steam, Blizzard etc.) their is a significant focus on security, regulation, performance, stability and many more. Since we handle huge amounts of load (e.g. alibaba did 17,8 Billion sales in one day and Ingenico is handling payments for them) we are talking of some of the most critical applications in the world and the core off the application is mostly build in the Netherlands

This transformation is seen as one of the leading transformation of a legacy application/ Architecture & organization to state of the art application that can deliver changes to production daily.

We would like to do the keynote or a conference talk to explain a bit more in depth on this topic. For keynote we could do similar as done on other conference keynotes and discuss the topics and explain why you not only need to change your organization but also your architecture and delivery processes to really enable DevOps & Agile etc.

For the conference talk we would like to go a bit more in-depth and discuss also the architectural changes we did to able to transform from a huge legacy application to a state of the art micro-service architecture.

Ingenico’s main application was build on Java and contained million lines of code and was full of threads and no frameworks used and was just one big monolithic application (e.g. Ingenico build their own application server in java). In the talk we(Vincent from Ingenico and myself) will explain how we refactored the application and organization to be successful and able to make changes almost daily to their production environment in a Java environment.