DevOps in Allianz, a Continuous Improvement delivery

Zaal 6

11:40 - 12:30


Discover how Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) techniques speeds up the delivery cycle and saved hundreds of man-days by efficiency gains in the Benelux implementation of one of the biggest commercial Java projects in Europe.

Find the difficulties of DevOps introduction in an enterprise project, where about 200 people from more than 5 countries and different providers, in on- and offshore teams, worked together.

Enjoy this real case presentation while you realize how DevOps practices and processes are not only for small and independent teams; learn about the challenges we came across in while changing the mindset from silo to DevOps in this on-premise environment. During this session topics like Java OSGi (RCP and Web components) delivery, legacy systems, mindset transformation, RCA, CI/CD, environment management and others will be covered.

Take a seat and learn from the experience!