J-Fall pre-conference

On Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 (the first day of J-Fall 2019) the NLJUG organizes an expert level pre-conference. We will provide you with 3 expert level workshops of 4 hours from top level speakers Sven Ruppert, Miro Cupak and a speaker we will announce at a later date.
Visit this pre-conference of J-Fall to really go in-depth and learn all about the newest Java technology. You will be granted entrance to J-Fall when you get your ticket.

A ticket for the pre-conference is 99 euro.


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  • A master class in latest Java
    Miro Cupak

    In this workshop, you will learn how to use new features from JDK 10-13. Together, we will study updates to APIs like Collections, IO/NIO, String, HTTP/2 client and more. We’ll also get our hands on new language features, including local variable type inference and switch expressions. We will talk about best practices and patterns for using these features in the context of modern applications, with special emphasis on producing clean code. This is a very hands-on session providing you with the opportunity to truly learn modern Java by solving a series of tasks covering many of its exciting features.

    Prerequisites: – Laptop with JDK 13 installed.

  • JUnit5: From @Test Up to Your Own TestEngine 
    Sven Ruppert

    JUnit5 has been out for some time now, but what are the hidden pearls you can find inside the new Junit Platform? This session explores the possibilities, from @Test over custom extensions up to your own TestEngine. The presentation shows you how to manage a full-stack test in different flavours, based on the JUnit5 possibilities. The main focus is on the development of a custom TestEngine to support project-specific needs. After this, you’ll have all the bits and bytes you need for starting your journey with JUnit5.

  • To be announced soon..
    Mystery Speaker


12:30 Welcome

13:00 Start workshops

(4 hours with 2x 15-minute break)

17:30 End workshops

18:00 Drinks and networking